National algae pilot Mongstad


There is a lot of knowledge both nationally and internationally with laboratory tests on algae. To reach the goal of full scale production, it’s crucial that production is tested out on a larger scale than laboratory tests, but still with a scientific method. That is why we need the national algae pilot.

Mongstad has Norway’s largest single source of CO2 emissions, and is a natural site for the pilot plant. Politicians have also wanted to use captured CO2 instead of just releasing it directly to the atmosphere.



The cost of the pilot plant is about 18 million NOK. The following have made a contribution:

Without this these important contributions, it would have been difficult to see this project through – thank you!

Hordaland County

Hordaland County

2 million NOK
Regionrådet i Nordhordland

Regionrådet i Nordhordland

1 million NOK
The Norwegian Seafood Research Fund

The Norwegian Seafood Research Fund

3 million NOK
Stortinget (The Norwegian Parliment) through the  2014 budget.

Stortinget (The Norwegian Parliment) through the 2014 budget.

6 million NOK
The University of Bergen

The University of Bergen

6 million NOK

Other contributions

Sparebanken Vest and Lindås kommune has funded equipment for 1.2 million NOK.

Lindås Kommune

Lindås Kommune

Sparebanken Vest

Sparebanken Vest

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The university of Bergen receives all funding, and is the owner of the National Algae Pilot. Building was started up in April 2015, with completion in October 2016. The building, in total 330 m2 will include to sections:

A 200 m2 greenhouse where the bioreactors are located. A 130 m2 operations building containing technical rooms, laboratories and offices.

TCM delivers the CO2, sea water is delivered to a tank.

NAM will be an open facility, open to research, according to agreements regulating the use of the facility.

The operation of NAM will be carried out by CO2Bio on behalf of UiB.


UiB has hired a person with the academic responsibility for the National Algae Pilot at Mongstad. The Algae Pilot will be fall under the UiB/Biological Institute’s responsibility. A postdoc position will also be created.